How to Connect
to your Ride


Download the free CicloZone application from your app store on either IOS Apple or Android on your smartphone or tablet. When Downloaded please follow the simply onboarding system to allow the app to automatically determine your Power orHR threshold levels.


When the onboarding is complete
Choose Bluetooth Devices
to connect and pair your Bluetooth bike with Bluetooth sensors. If you are simply riding the class unconnected and virtually then simply skip this and go to next item.


Now choose the ‘Studio Ride’ option and you will be asked to enter your Studios unique Code-Link which is found on the countdown screen before a ride starts or top right of the screen on any studio session.

When the code is entered this will link your ride with the intervals in the studio session and initiate the studio ride dials and ‘Beat the class’ COL (Ciclozone Output Level) bars on the screen of your smart device. You can now ride against the class on both RPM and Intensity trying to beat each interval and progress your Rider COL bar ahead of the class COL bar to win your session. Follow the guidance of your Virtual or LIVE instructor on how to achieve this successfully.


At the end of a session you can press the white cross, top right of the screen’ and this will begin to save and upload your ride data and display your results on the screen of your smart device. If you like what you see then you can choose to save this ride data and share to various social media applications or simply with friends if you choose.


Your ‘ride analytics’ can be revisited at any time within the app.
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