Everything you need to know to get the most out of your gym using CicloStudio app.

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CicloStudio will connect to any Bluetooth bikes currently available on the market. Studios with older, Non Bluetooth bikes can be connected with CicloZone using our inexpensive ‘Sensor System’. CicloStudio can be streamed to TV, Monitor or Projector screens without issue.

Studio Cycle instructors normally get paid for the hour they teach in a studio. They do not get reimbursed for the hours spent creating the music mixes and certainly not from creating professional and safe class intensity profiles. With CicloStudio your instructors get access to our entire library of professionally created session content with fully accredited indoor cycle instructor education added to allow them to spend more time on being a rockstar on the bike than an IT technician.

A Cycle Studio normally has only a handful of costly instructor Led sessions per day in relation to how many hours your studio could be open for. Every ‘untaught’ hour is lost ROI and the answer may be to employ virtual sessions. Commonly though these sessions are poorly attended and the reason why is that the virtual sessions bear no resemblance to the Instructor LED sessions on your timetable. CicloStudio offers continuity, not only in visuals and music but also in connectability between your instructor led and virtual rides to give your members a reason to ride a virtual session knowing the ‘system’ is familiar and the ‘beat the class’ mode giving them the motivation to be there.

Your instructors will be able to teach any CicloStudio session with the use of the unique Instructor prompt screen which indicates RPM and Intensity levels for the current and next interval aswell as the countdown to the next interval. Also within the platform your instructors have access to the Ciclo Instructor portal in which they will find a fully accredited modular indoor cycle training course that they can complete to be fully qualified in CicloStudio riding and the more advanced course CicloMetrics. Courses carry CPD points and are accredited by SkillsActive.

Every single CicloStudio session is ridden on the beat and the BPM drives the correct RPM in every track. The music mix is actually created by looping the verse and chorus to create intervals to the correct length for that particular performance interval and recovery interval that follows. If you wanted only to ride and connect with the RPM to give rewards to riders staying on the beat then this option is available. You have to love a beat to ride to…….

Ciclozone Output Level or COL% is our own unique data metric which takes the metric inputs for every interval and combines them to achieve an equality in riding between riders of different sizes, weights and genders. Every session has a COL% for every interval which is given by combining the Zonal intensity, RPM within that zone, seated or standing and length of that interval and it is assigned a figure as a % of a riders ability. Sessions are graded within our library from low COL% ‘easy’ sessions from 65% to 72% all the way up to high performance sessions at 80% plus. Instructors and admins can allocate classes based on ability levels of riders. Eg an interval in yellow zone 4 at 85 rpm for 90 secs seated carries a much higher COL% rating than a blue zone 2 interval at 65 RPM standing for 30secs. If a rider is successful within a set interval they will receive onscreen notifications telling them of the success….. if not successful then a more motivational notification is given.

No…. our unique onboarding system and algorithms will give a rider an initial ‘Virtual’ FTP or FTHR level to determine a riders ability which is quite accurate. From this point our AI system analyses results in sessions and will advise riders to increase or decrease their FTP to keep them on track to achieve real results.

All cycle training platforms use the zonal training system laid out by Dr Andrew Coggan and Hunter Allen in the late 1980’s giving cyclist a way of accessing and training the three energy systems in our bodies. Zone 1 white is active recovery, Zone 2 blue is aerobic activity, Zone 3 green is your lactate energy, Zone 4 yellow represents the threshold or limit of your lactate energy system and Zone 5 Red is moving into Vo2 max and above. By accessing these energy systems at the correct RPM and for the correct amount of time you can achieve incredible results at any age.

Absolutely…. From the ride analytics directly after saving your riders can share their results with our social media friendly share page to promote their rides, the studio and the instructor if it was an instructor LED ride.

We offer a full 30 days free trial for CicloStudio and then we will simply ask for invoice or payment details nearing the end of this period to maintain the service to your studio.

Each studio has its own Code-link number displayed on screen always within the studio and simply by changing this code on login to your studio ride you can link with any studio operating the CicloStudio system.

Your CicloStudio installation comes with a complete class scheduler from which you can see all of the sessions scheduled to appear onscreen for up to 14 days in advance. By clicking on any given session you can access the search engine from which you choose and allocate a session to any timeslot. You can also choose to invite by email, from the admin panel of the scheduler, members of your cycle team to the scheduler with our ‘TeamBuilder’. Once your invite is accepted you can schedule ‘Timeslots’ allocated to individual instructors at the set times of their sessions on your timetable. These timeslots repeat week on week so only need to be added once. Your instructor will be able to login to the studio scheduler and when clicking on the timeslots allocated to them will be able to activate the search engine to allocate sessions of their choice to that timeslot. They will not be able to affect any other aspect of the scheduler. Your instructor knows their clientele well and are best placed to choose a class of the correct COL% etc for that class.

Yes… CicloStudio has an autostart function and simply powering up the Hub and the screen will see your sessions automatically begin for the day as you Hub will remain ‘signed in’ to your studio.

Visit our website www.ciclostudio.com and simply click the link to order your box or scan any of our QR codes on our marketing material to be directed to ordering a CicloHub to start your 30 day free trial.

If you have an indoor bike but it is not Bluetooth enabled then you can still get connected to CicloZone sessions. Our COL% works by connecting a simply RPM sensor to the pedal crank arm of your bike and connect a Bluetooth HR monitor for the zones. Our Ciclo Ai will realise you are riding with HR and not Power zones and calculate the zones accordingly. Below are a couple of example Amazon links for sensors to get you connected.

Bike cadence sensor

HR Sensor Magene