How to Connect
to your Studio


Using the CicloStudio Link or by scanning the QR code complete the registration form to create and receive link to your digital studio scheduler. Your CicloHub will now be sent to you for you to start your free 30 day trial.


On receipt of your CicloHub CicloHub simply connect to you studio screen by HDMI connection, connect to your Internet by Ethernet connection (wifi can be used but not recommended) and power up by plugging in.

Power supply.
(power adaptor supplied with Hub)
HDMI cable
Hub to Screen.
Ethernet cable minimum 5mbps speed


Once connected the box will Autostart the CicloStudio app and initiate the load in page on your studio screen which will include a QR code.


Scan the QR code
to link your box with your Studio Scheduler with your username and password and the screen will now start to play content from the scheduler.


You will receive notification in your scheduler nearing the end of your 30 day trial advising you of payment methods to continue enjoying the CicloStudio experience.


You can now change content on your studio
screen from your studio scheduler. You can change class type, length or instructor. Even language aswell as invite your own instructors to the scheduler and place timeslots for them to choose content to teach.